About Us

Renegades Art: Elevating Your Game                                                                                                     

Renegades Art is an innovative game art outsourcing startup located in the heart of Dhaka, the bustling capital of Bangladesh. Our team continuously evolves and works closely with top game development vendors on AAA titles and major platforms. We specialize in creating AAA quality 3D assets for your Next-Gen Game, AR/VR, Metaverse, or any project that requires game engine integration.

What distinguishes us apart?

What sets us apart from the competition is our unwavering commitment to building long-term relationships with our clients. We offer immense flexibility to cater to the unique needs and requirements of each project. Our team's extensive experience with AAA game titles makes us the best outsourcing partner for your art development needs. Let's create great games together.

Art Production Management:

We ensure the security of our clients' deliverables, documents, and communication by utilizing only the most secure measures. Our project managers are skilled in using management tools such as Slack, Miro, and Trello to ensure seamless collaboration. The production team is dedicated to keeping all stakeholders meticulously updated on projects.

QC support - last line of defense:

At Renegades Art, we never compromise on precision. Our QC team provides support to ensure that each project is delivered with the utmost quality and accuracy.

Our services:

Renegades Art is helping its clients to produce 3d content, from high resolution to in-game 3d models ready for engine integration. We specialize in various art styles ranging from hand-painted stylized to physically based rendering, which includes

  • Characters
  • Props
  • Weapons
  • Vehicles
  • Environments
  • Rigging (Character/Props)
  • Animation (Character/Props)

Partners and Collaborations

We believe that the gaming industry is our big extended family so why not join our hands with each other. We are always open to potential partners and collaborations on projects.

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